Value-added and Opportunistic

In addition to the core real estate investment projects, HT Capital Limited (HTC) also adopts an value-added and opportunistic investment approach by identifying property development projects which can generate remunerative returns for investors from Hong Kong and overseas.


Luxury Residential Houses in Tuen Mun

This luxury residential gated estate comprises two contemporary-styled villas with stunning views. These high quality three-storey villas offer the best of family living combining with the ease of a secure and lock-up-and-go lifestyle. This project is along the coastline of Tuen Mun offering 13,500 square feet of Gross floor area with the a maximum plot ratio of 1.2.

Luxury Mansion in Tuen Mun

This is a low-rise residential development project comprising of two-storey high villas overlooking the unparalleled sea view of Tuen Mun. The property sits on a decent sized plot with a maximum plot ratio of 1.0. The Company’s plan is to demolish the current 4,000 square feet sized villa and redevelops into a luxurious villa of 10,000 square feet.


Greystone Group

Premier Partner for International Investors looking to Invest in the U.K. Properties Outside London

Based in the U.K., Greystone focuses on international student’s rental market in major university cities outside London. Greystone is dedicated to transform undervalued off-campus properties into high-yielding real estate investment through refurbishment or major redevelopment. There are times where the number of bedrooms are increased to accommodate the students’ needs and significantly enhance the yield and property value.

The amenity-rich properties in neighborhoods close to university campuses would either be sold to other property investors or lease to affluent international students as they have one of the highest ongoing rental trends in the letting market. Greystone has a track record of generating attractive gross rental yields and investment returns with approximately 8% or above.